The Show Must Go On! Luke Bryan Performs With a Broken Collarbone After Bicycle Accident

We can’t actually say that Luke Bryan’s 2016 Farm Tour has gone off without a hitch. First, the Oct. 5 kick off date in Gaston, S.C., was cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew making it’s way to the state. And now, the day of his Oct. 6 performance at Maple Lane Farms in Greenback, Tenn., Luke went and broke his clavicle.

According to reports, Luke broke his clavicle in a bicycle accident. The “Huntin,’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Everyday” singer took to Twitter to inform his fans about the accident, but that the show was still “a go.” “Broken clavicle. All good. Show is a go. I’ll just have my arm in a sling,” Luke posted.

And just for good measure, Luke then tweeted the broken clavicle x-ray. Ouch!

Check out Luke’s performance at Maple Lane Farms in Greenback, Tenn., where he isn’t wearing the sling at this point, but holding his arm very still.

NCD wishes Luke a speedy recovery.