Aaron Watson Talks First Top 10 Hit, New 20-Song Album, Inspirational Dad, Upcoming Tour & More

Jim Casey talks with Aaron Watson about:

  • scoring his first Top 10 hit with “Outta Style” in 2017
  • releasing his new 20-song album, Red Bandana, on June 21
  • writing all 20 songs on the new album by himself
  • the “purposeful” nature of the new project
  • preparing to make the new album by listening to records by Pink Floyd, the Beatles and the Beach Boys
  • kicking off the album with “The Ghost of Guy Clark”
  • the notion of “selling out” by trying to get played on country radio
  • titling the new album and writing the title track, “Red Bandana,” as an ode to his father, who was a disabled Vietnam veteran
  • choosing “Kiss That Girl Goodbye” as the album’s lead single
  • the depth of new song, “Trying Like the Devil”
  • what fans can expect on his Red Bandana Tour, which launches on June 28

Podcast Participants:

  • Aaron Watson
  • Jim Casey, editor in chief of Nash Country Daily