Niko Moon Wants To Play Something He Can Raise Hell And Drink To

While he’s climbing the chart with his hit song “Good Time” — Niko Moon has released a fan favorite track, “No Sad Songs.”

Written by Niko, his wife Anna Moon, Joshua Murty, Steven Lee Olsen, and Alyssa Vanderhym, the song gained fame since it’s been a weekly standard during his At-Home livestream concerts.

Niko says, “’NO SAD SONGS’ is all about having fun. As we all know, life can be stressful at times and this song right here is all about putting that to the side for a minute and just enjoying life and having fun.”

Check out the fun right here with Niko Moon’s “No Sad Songs’…

And for an extra “Good Time” — watch the music video for Niko’s Top-10 hit…

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato