Trisha Yearwood Stops By The Kelly Clarkson Show to Call Garth Brooks an Alien

Trisha Yearwood appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week, but talking to Kelly Clarkson is nothing new for Trisha, ” You know, we’re buddies. We text all the time.”

But it has been a while since they’ve chatted in person, “We hadn’t seen each other in a year, ’cause none of us have seen each other in a year! So it was really nice just to see her face.”

Her trip to Kelly’s show was a first on a couple of levels – it was the first time Trisha made an in-person appearance on a talk show since the shutdown, and also since she had COVID herself, “I haven’t done anything, you know, like that. And there’s a virtual audience, you know – everything’s different. It was so cool.”

Of course with her friendship with Kelly, and the relaxed atmosphere…it was an easy time being on the show, “We had a lot of fun. We laughed a lot. I don’t know what they’re going to keep – there’s some things they probably should edit out, so we’ll see what happens, but…big shout-out to Kelly just for…just for being a friend.”

When it came to the actual conversation, Kelly was very interested in Trisha’s bout with COVID, and also wanted to know how Garth Brooks was, and if he had any illness. Trisha said that he did a great job of taking care of her, and never once worried about his own health. Trisha also said with Garth not getting COVID, or even feeling any side-effects from the vaccine shot, she’s more convinced than ever that he’s an “alien.”

Kelly and Trisha also played a round of “Yearwood or Wouldn’t” — answering what they would do in some pretty crazy scenarios.

Check out their conversation here…

Headline Photo Courtesy of The Kelly Clarkson Show

Additional Photo Courtesy of Trisha Yearwood