Lainey Wilson’s Sophomore Album, Bell Bottom Country, is Set to Arrive October 28th

Lainey Wilson‘s current single at country radio is “Heart Like A Truck.”

It’s the first single from her recently announced second album, Bell Bottom Country.

Lainey says, “I’ve lived quite a bit of life the past few years and I have a lot more to say. Sure, I love a good pair of bell bottoms but Bell Bottom Country to me has always been about the flare and what makes someone unique—I have really embraced mine and I hope y’all can hear that across this project.”

Lainey is giving fans another taste of what to expect on her new project with the release of “Watermelon Moonshine.”

“Heart Like A Truck” and “Watermelon Moonshine” are 2 of the 14-tracks that are included on Bell Bottom Country.

Talking about the upcoming album Lainey adds, “I’m so proud of this body of work, it truly shows my growth as a singer, as a songwriter, and as a person.”

Lainey Wilson’s Bell Bottom Country arrives October 28th and includes her current single “Heart Like A Truck.”

Photo Courtesy of Lainey Wilson